" When I make an appointment with Janelle or Leanne, I have a feeling of relief. The relief that you would get when booking a vacation. A mirage in the desert, that comes true when it comes closer. These ladies provide a service and an environment that is un-paralleled. They provide creative service that is beyond compare. It goes beyond the expected. When I leave the salon, I feel alive again; removed from the burden of everyday life. Janelle and Leanne make me feel girly and sexy – they elevate my mood, and heighten my senses. It is truly an experience that lasts…just long enough until the next time. Thank you Janelle and Leanne for allowing me to remember what it feels like to be treated like a princess; to be rejuvenated, and to go back into the world, refreshed... easy, breezy, beautiful. " - Cara Ryz, Winnipeg, MB

"I first met with Janelle to discuss my wedding back in early 2011. Her sweet and easy-going personality was wonderful, but even more amazing was the hairstyle she created for me! I’d shown my inspiration pictures to several stylists, and Janelle was the ONLY one  to shape the style into something that was even MORE beautiful, MORE romantic, and even more ME than the picture! Shortly after I got married I chopped off my long hair and colored it black. While this was ‘new’ territory for me (having had long, natural-colored hair all my life) Janelle has continued to impress me with her talent for styling – every visit ends with ‘Oh my god, I love it!" - Roberta Radons, Winnipeg, MB

 " Leanne is professional, warm and caring. Her facials are to die for like a relaxing vacaction.  My brows had been thin and uneven for years, within only a few services they were SO much better! Thanks Leanne! - Nicole D"

 "Leanne Masse has been my skin care specialist for the past 6 years.  Her guidance and genuine interest changed my non-existent skin care routine, to one that is tailored to my lifestyle and skin care needs.  I have suffered from post-acne scaring for over 15 years. The scars made me very self conscious of my skin and I tried to camoflauge it with foundation. Today my scars have almost all disappeared. I now go out in public without any make-up on. Leanne is an honest, highly knowledgeable, and skilled dermatological expert who has made me confident in my own skin."  -  Anonymous 

"To me Image Skincare products are an essential part of my everyday healthy lifestyle. After moving cities and having gone six months without using the product, my skin was in distress!! Image not only hydrates, it tightens, it smoothes, it lifts and it corrects.  Image is a miracle for anyone who wants healthier, firmer, younger looking skin that glows. Using it again, after having gone so long without it, has been an eye-opening experience. When I moved and no longer had access to the line, I thought that any professional skincare regime would work as well.  But nothing comes close to what Image Skincare does for my skin.  What I thought could be replaced, is irreplaceable. My skin is at it's best potential when I am   using this product line." - Darcie Levy

"Fefe always keeps my hair feeling healthy and looking great! I feel confident in asking her, her professional opinion for cuts, colours and treatments. Leanne's pedicure is amazing, she made me feel very relaxed and all of the other staff are very friendly and knowledgeable." - Signe Nickel

"Leanne is a wonderful esthetician! She is the first person that I have trusted to wax my eyebrows, after hearing raving reviews recommending her. She always takes her time, plucks any strays and fills them in when she is done. She is such a pleasant person and is always genuinely interested in our conversation. I have also seen her for facials and they are great! I always leave feeling relaxed, clean and refreshed. I highly recommend her to anyone!" - Leanne Lucas

"I first saw Leanne back in 2013 on a referral for a brow wax (which was amazing by the way - she is the queen of brow shaping!), I knew after that initial appointment that she was the type of skincare professional that I had been looking for. If you are looking for an esthetician with the knowledge and ability to improve your skin and boost your confidence, look no further! Leanne is professional, incredibly educated and provides targeted and individualized services that show results. I see her regularly for customized facials, which has improved the look and feel of my skin tenfold. Leanne has effectively treated pigmentation and blemishes on my skin to the point that I now feel comfortable without makeup. Through a series of chemical peels, she has evened out my complexion, reduced redness and instilled a glow in my skin that I've never seen before and that family and friends have been commenting on. Thanks to Leanne I have people complimenting my skin! I've visited many salons and high end spas searching for the perfect skincare specialist and I have found her at Alise Frederic. I'll never go elsewhere and I highly recommend Leanne to anyone looking to improve the look of their skin, begin a new skincare routine, or just to pamper themselves - your visit will be the highlight of your week! As a salon and spa, Alise Frederic is inviting and warm and all of the service providers are clearly committed to providing the highest quality services possible. Thanks Leanne and the AF team - you've made a positive impact in my life and have gained a client for life!!" - Kaylee Mestdagh

"I have been a client of Melinda's for a number of years and I would follow her to the ends of the earth, she is the best! She knows exactly how to tame my uncontrollable curls. Every time I get my hair coloured and cut, I just tell Melinda to work her magic! Never do I stress or worry that I will leave with a bad style. Leanne also works wonders in the waxing department! All of the beautiful women at Alise Frederic go above and beyond to make the salon experience comfortable and relaxing. If you want to look babelicious, then definitely make a booking with any one of the stylists at AF!" - Jess Turner

"I always feel like a business grows and finds success because of the people who lead it. When management or ownership is strong, kind and fair, it will be reflected in the staff and the quality of work they produce. Happy staff always produce good work.

I have been coming to Alise Frederic  for a bout 2 years, primarily to see Melinda, but also Leanne for various esthetic services. I can't speak highly enough about their talents! It's not just how I walk out looking, but how may hair (or nails) continue to look in the weeks following. Melinda has found the magic between creating a fashionable and classically strong cut. There aren't enough words to express her talent.

Speaking tot he salon in general, I always appreciate how kind everyone who works there is. From the moment I step through the door I am made to feel sincerely welcome. I appreciate the smiles and the friendliness from ALL the staff. There is no intimidation, no aires, no pretence. Not only am I made to feel valued, but I also feel as though I don't need to be anyone other than exactly who I am.

I am certain this sincerity is coming directly from Leanne and Janelle. Strong staff always comes from strong management. It makes me happy to support Melinda and it makes me happy to support Alise Frederic Salon and Spa in their continued growth and success.

Continue to be good to one another and you will find success in so many ways!" - Kristy  Miyanishi

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