Salon Re-Opening January 26, 2021

January 22, 2021

Grab a coffee, tea... glass of wine... shot of tequila (after this year anything goes, right?) and your reading glasses if you plan to read it all, it's another long one... but if you're an AF veteran (have visited us since our last closure) there's not that much that is new in this email so feel free to scan this email for what applies to you.

We just kindly ask that due to the high call, email and text volume that we are receiving / making right now, if you intend to contact us with any questions regarding our re-opening or to book an appointment, that you please reference this email to see if your answer is in it, before reaching out.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
After a VERY long 10 weeks, our HAIR SALON (spa remains closed) is re-opening to begin serving you.

We have been given the go-ahead to re-open at 25% capacity for the next 3 weeks, this will be far more challenging for us than our last re-opening and we appreciate your patience and understanding now more than ever.

We will not be able to see everyone who has had cancelled appointments between November 12 - now, in the next 3 weeks operating at 25%, it's just not possible, but we will do our best.

So please read on to hear how we will be doing things this time around.
Hairstylists and Barbers have been included in Phase 1 of the Province's plan to slowly and cautiously re-open the Province, meaning we will be re-opening our salon very soon. We are spending the next few days contacting all of YOU to try to organize our very limited schedules to be able to see as many of you as possible.

Your stylist will be in touch in the coming days to get you re-booked if you had an appointment with us, that was cancelled by the government during our closure (between November 12 - January 25).

We are all doing things a little differently and each stylist will be rebooking in the manner that will help them to maximize their limited schedules in order to be able to see as many of you as possible. Starting today, we will be contacting you (by email, call or text) to offer you a spot to rebook, please stay close to your phones as spots will not be held. This will take us multiple days so we appreciate your patience in waiting to hear from us. We will be contacting our clients in order of your missed appointments starting with those whom we were supposed to see on November 12th, although we also need to make everything fit properly, so things will need to be shuffled around a bit and for that reason some of you may be contacted sooner or later.

Unfortunately, due to the 25% capacity regulation, many pre-booked appointments will NOT be honored. If you have a pre-existing appointment in the coming 3 weeks, your stylist will be in touch about whether or not it stands.

Please know, we see your texts and emails and we have not forgotten about you, but please understand how many people are trying to contact us right now and the only way we can stay organized is to reply to your messages when we get to your appointment in our rebooking queue.

If you did NOT have an appointment scheduled during our closure, you can reply to this email or leave us a voicemail to be added to our waiting list. We will not be replying to waiting list emails or voicemails, you will get an automated reply to notify you that we have received your email and we will add you to each stylist's list. Once each stylist has contacted all clients with missed appointments during our closure, they will start to contact their waitlists.

Please note that we are all taking care of our own schedules for the time being. If you are on Instagram, please be sure to be following your stylist/esthetician as it will be there that we will post real time updates about what's going on with our schedules.

Fefe: @fefe_gb
Katie: @hairvandal
Janelle: @hairbyjanellepinette
Leanne: @leannemassefacialist
Michelle: @hair_by_meeshe_eve

We have hundreds of appointments to figure out and 75% less room to put them into our schedules than we did before Covid and 10 weeks of backlog. The new Public Health Orders will be in place for the next 3 weeks, some of us may continue booking into the following weeks, however please note that since we have no idea what capacity restrictions will look like at that time, ALL PRE-SCHEDULED OR NEWLY SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS AFTER FEBRUARY 12, 2021 ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

We truly appreciate every single message of support and encouragement for the tough job that we have ahead of us with re-opening, your support means the world to us and please know that if we're not answering you, it is because we are trying to be organized humans!

Our protocols remain the same:

  • Staff and clients must use the screening tool before booking an appointment / attending work, you will be asked if you've used it before you attend (link is at the bottom of this email and will be sent to you will your appointment reminder).

  • We will be taking all guest's temperature at the door as you enter, with a contactless digital thermometer, if you have a fever you will not be able to attend your appointment.

  • Staff and clients must stay home if COVID-19 symptoms are present.

  • Appointment times are staggered and our staff is limited to 2 stylists per day, we may each have 2 clients at once, but every one will be seated 2 meters apart and there will be no more than 7 people in the salon at one time.

  • Clients will attend alone, no one should come with them, so on the same note, children's cuts will be harder to schedule due to a parent needing to come with them. You will need to discuss if this is even an option at this time with your stylist, chances are that we will not be able to accommodate children's cuts while we operate at 25%, unless they are able to come in alone.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the front door and ALL clients must sanitize their hands upon entry.

  • Workstations are kept 2 meters apart and sanitized between patrons.

  • Equipment, instruments and material that cannot be disinfected between clients cannot be reused.

  • Washrooms have frequent sanitization and a regime for business sanitization is in place.

  • Magazine racks and books in waiting rooms are closed.

  • We will not be able to offer you anything to drink, please bring a book, your phone, a coffee/tea, water and whatever else you may need!

  • Masks are mandatory at all times.

  • Service providers may wear protective gloves, eye wear and/or face shields when providing service particularly when close touch or contact is involved.

  • We continue to not accept cash, we will accept debit, credit or when necessary, e-transfer (e-transfer must be completed and confirmation shown to us before you leave). POS terminal is disinfected between each client.

Below are details on how we will be re-booking everyone.

  • 1st Priority: goes to anyone who's had an appointment cancelled during our closure between: November 12 - January 25. We never deleted any appointments, so your stylist will be going through their days starting with the first and contacting everyone day by day to get you booked back in.

  • 2nd Priority: Pre-booked appointments will be honored (as best we can) as they are, unless we need to edit them to get cancelled people in. The timing will likely be altered to ensure we have the proper time between each client to sanitize and you may lose the styling portion of the appointment. If you have not received confirmation of a pre-existing appointment, it IS NOT confirmed.

  • 3rd Priority: Only once we have all of the above appointments re-booked will we be able to book any new appointments in. We need to make it very clear that for some of us, this will take months. So down the road you may have an option to see another stylist, but they need to get their clients booked back in first before we can accommodate those requests.

  • We understand that you are already in need of our services and for that reason if you cannot wait for your regular stylist or another at our shop, by all means, please make other arrangements - we'll catch up with you next time! We have new neighbors down the street, Good Fortune Barbershop, @goodfortunebarbers on instagram, they are not currently accepting new clients as they too re-open, but if you're a south osborne local.. follow them, they'll be posting when they are!
We have implemented the following protocols on our own in regards to services.

  • In order to get as many of you booked back in and to keep as many pre-booked appointments as possible, we will be providing 'Express Services', meaning there will be no big color jobs happening. We're not doing color corrections, big balayage / foiling appointments, we're basically just going to be covering your roots / touching up your foils and giving you a haircut to be able to see as many of you as possible.

  • We may be booking your appointment without a style / blow dry.

  • You can use Gift Certificates

  • You can redeem your AF Points

  • For the time being we will not be offering any discounts on services or retail products (unless otherwise specified), this includes 'Family & Friends'.

  • Our waiting room is CLOSED, you will be asked to wait in your car/outside for a call or text before entering the building for your appointment.

  • Our at home color kit services are not longer available.

As you may know, Estheticians were NOT included in this phase of the Province's plan to re-open the economy again. Leanne is hopeful she will be able to join us back in the shop after February 12th. Her schedule works much differently than ours, since she has a high volume of new clients and also because many of her regular clients come on a less frequent skin care schedule for esthetics services, than people do for their hair. She is beginning the process of organizing her schedule as best she can, without knowing when she can return to work. She has a larger volume of clients to rebook for these reasons and because of her extended closure.

As soon as she knows when she can re-open she will re-booking the same way the salon is, she will be taking care of her own schedule and appreciates your patience as you wait to hear from her to rebook your missed appointment. You can follow the instructions outlined previously to be added to Leanne's waiting list if you did not have and appointment during her closure.

She will be returning to offering virtual facials and consults as well as taking care of our online store order with Hayley. If you are interested in booking a virtual facial or consultation, please reply to this email or send a new one with the subject line:

Leanne - Virtual Facial / Consult (whichever you are looking for)


We are so grateful for all of the orders in our online store since it's launch in November!

It remains open for your convenience and we will still offer delivery 1-2 days a week for the time being, however these will be dependant on how many orders we have for certain areas.

Hayley will be available for your curbside picks ups the following hours, please schedule your pick up ahead of time since our hours are always subject to change depending on the day.

Curbside Pick Up Hours:

Tuesday - Friday: 2pm - 8pm
Saturday: 11am - 5pm

You can just give us a call when you arrive and then we will meet you at the door to hand it through the door to you.

FINALLY.... we're super excited about some of the new things we will be bringing into the online store in February, keep an eye out for that email!
Below are the links to the provincial government guidelines for our industry and the Shared Health Screening Tool that you will need to use before attending your appointment.

This last one has not been updated yet by the Province outlining any new protocols we must follow this time around, but here is a link outlining the government mandated protocols we had to follow in the Spring. It is expected to be similar once it is posted, of course with the change to the capacity restrictions.

Tuesday can't come soon enough!!
We can't wait to see you all, we've missed you dearly and very much missed our jobs, we cannot wait to work our magic on you and have you feeling like a million bucks!!!

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It's not necessary to read through it all, however due to the high call, email and text volume that we are receiving right now, we do ask that if you intend to contact us with any questions regarding our re-opening or to book an appointment, that you please reference this email to see if your answer is in it, before reaching out.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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