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Grab a coffee and your reading glasses if you plan to read it all, it's a long one ;)

It's not necessary to read through it all, however due to the high call, email and text volume that we are receiving right now, we do ask that if you intend to contact us with any questions regarding our re-opening or to book an appointment, that you please reference this email to see if your answer is in it, before reaching out.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
We would like to start by thanking you all for a few things, your unwavering support during our service closure (seriously - we have the BEST clients), your excitement for us when the province announced that salons could begin to re-open as of May 4th, your patience when we told you that we would not be re-opening on May 4th and now for your understanding when we explain why and introduce the following protocols that we will be implementing upon our re-opening.

We don't expect any of you to understand without our explaining to you how trying this time has been. On March 18th, we laid off our staff, closed our doors and flicked a switch to turn off our personal and business income, without knowing what lay ahead (we closed voluntarily, 2 weeks before being mandated to because it was what we believed was the right thing to do).

We could not be more proud of the choice we made, we truly believe it was in part, this small business community that voluntarily shut their doors, risking everything, for the greater good of our community, that has had an integral role in the flattening of the curve in Manitoba. Of course, many other factors have also contributed and right now we could not be more proud to be Manitoban!

We immediately shifted our business model to a whole new one and thanks to your support, we have thrived (relatively speaking) during our service closure, this we will be eternally grateful to you for. We never had any time "off" during this closure, in fact we've never worked so hard, working 24/7 similar to when we first opened our business, but with much more uncertainty as to what lay ahead.

The province's announcement to slowly re-open the economy on May 4th is such great news. Salons and Barbershops have been included in Phase 1, meaning we will be re-opening our salon very soon. But as you can imagine, we need time, to get the proper personal protective equipment, to re-hire our employees, to sanitize our space, order our inventory, implement new polices, etc... so for all of those reasons, we have chosen to re-open on Tuesday May 19th.

We completely understand that you're shaggy, have roots you'd hoped no one would EVER see and likely were hoping we'd re-open sooner. But the reality is that, we're not re-opening normally. Because of the size of our salon and in order to adhere to the government guidelines for salons, we will only be able to function at less than 25% of what we once did on the service side of our business, unfortunately it seems we are a long way away from "business as usual".

The following newsletter outlines the "new" Alise Frederic Salon for the time being, we remain hopeful that by the time Phase 2 is implemented that we may be able to ease up on some of these restrictions and function at a higher level. We encourage you to read through all of the information provided if you are hoping to be seen for an appointment in the next 2 months. We have received a very high volume of calls, texts and emails and this is the easiest way for us to get the information across to everyone at the same time.

Your stylist will be in touch in the coming weeks to get you re-booked if you had an appointment cancelled by us due to COVID-19. If you cancelled (meaning we no longer have your appointment in our book), please email us (if you haven't already) and we will add you to our list. We will confirm that your cancelled appointment is in our audit log before we will re-book you. We appreciate your patience in waiting for us to get back to you. We've seen your message and we'll get there. We have hundreds of appointments to figure out and 75% less room to put them into our schedules than we did before.

We also truly appreciate every single message of support and encouragement for the tough job that we have ahead of us with re-opening, your support means the world to us.

As you will see outlined below, we will not be functioning normally, we appreciate your patience during this process.

  • Staff and clients must use the screening tool before booking an appointment / attending work, you will be asked if you've used it before you attend (link is at the bottom of this email).

  • Staff and clients must stay home if COVID-19 symptoms are present.

  • Appointment times are staggered and our staff is limited to 2 stylists per day, we may each have 2 clients at once, but every one will be seated 2 meters apart and there will be no more than 10 people in the salon at one time.

  • Clients will attend alone, no one should come with them, so on the same note, children's cuts will be harder to schedule due to a parent needing to come with them. You will need to discuss if this is even an option at this time with your stylist, chances are that we will not be able to accommodate children's cuts for a few weeks unless they are able to come in alone.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the front door and ALL clients must sanitize their hands upon entry.

  • Workstations are kept 2 meters apart and sanitized between patrons.

  • Equipment, instruments and material that cannot be disinfected between clients cannot be reused.

  • Washrooms have frequent sanitization and a regime for business sanitization is in place.

  • Magazine racks and books in waiting rooms are closed.

  • We will not be able to offer you anything to drink, please bring a book, your phone, a coffee/tea, water and whatever else you may need!

  • Both service providers and customers may wear non-medical masks, particularly when close touch or contact is involved. We have not decided yet if it will be mandatory for you / us to wear a mask during your appointment, but it is likely that we will. We will let you know closer to our re-opening day. We are waiting to see what the situation will be like when we re-open.

  • Service providers may wear protective gloves and eye wear when providing service particularly when close touch or contact is involved.

  • We will no longer be accepting cash, we will accept debit, credit or when necessary, e-transfer (e-transfer must be completed and confirmation shown to us before you leave). POS terminal will be disinfected between each client.

Below are details on how we will be re-booking everyone.

  • 1st Priority: goes to anyone who's had an appointment cancelled during our closure between: March 18th and May 18th. We never deleted any appointments, so your stylist will be going through their days starting with the first and contacting everyone day by day to get you booked back in.

  • 2nd Priority: Any pre-booked appointments will be honored (as best we can) as they are, unless we need to edit them to get cancelled people in. The timing will likely be altered to ensure we have the proper time between each client to sanitize and you may lose the styling portion of the appointment (explained below).

  • 3rd Priority: Only once we have all of the above appointments re-booked will we be able to book any new appointments in. We need to make it very clear that for some of us, this will take weeks. So down the road you may have an option to see another stylist, but they need to get their clients booked back in first before we can accommodate those requests.

  • We are still working on our schedule, as soon as it is ready your stylist will be in touch to start re-booking you.

  • We understand that you are already in need of our services and for that reason if you cannot wait for your regular stylist or another at our shop, by all means, please make other arrangements - we'll catch up with you next time!
We have implemented the following protocols on our own in regards to services.

  • In order to get as many of you booked back in and to keep as many pre-booked appointments as possible, we will be providing 'Express Services', meaning there will be no big color jobs happening. We're not doing color corrections, big balayage / foiling appointments, we're basically just going to be covering your roots / touching up your foils and giving you a haircut to be able to see as many of you as possible.

  • We will be limiting Blowdrying, unless it's necessary, we may be booking your appointment without a style or asking you to come with clean, dry hair.

  • When blowdrying & shampooing, will be pausing conversation (unless masked), as you can imagine the blowdryers can spread germs around quite easily when they are going and we are in closer proximity to faces at the sink.

  • To ease some of the financial repercussions of only being able to operate at less than 25% of our normal service capacity, for the month of May we will NOT be accepting Gift Certificate redemption's.

  • In June we will accept Gift Certificate redemption's limited to $50 per visit.

  • For the time being we will not be redeeming AF Points.

  • For the time being we will not be offering any discounts on services or retail products (unless otherwise specified), this includes 'Family & Friends' and 'At Cost' pricing.

  • Our waiting room is CLOSED, you will be asked to wait in your car/outside for a call or text before entering the building for your appointment.

As you may know, Estheticians were NOT included in Phase 1 or 2 of the Province's plan to re-open the economy. Since Leanne does not provide nail services, she will be returning to providing services in the 'Future Phases' phase of the government's plan, which currently does not have a date attached to it. A link is provided at the bottom of this email, for you to read about 'Future Phases' implementation.

Fefe will also NOT be returning to work on May 19th, her compromised immune system and underlying health conditions are preventing her from returning to work. We have decided together with her, that it is safest for her to stay put, safe at home for the time being. Our hope is that she will return to work when Leanne does, but it may be sooner or later. We appreciate your respect for her privacy during this time. If you are a client of hers, we will take good care of you. If you had a cancelled or pre-booked appointment with her, she will be contacting you personally, but should you have any questions, please direct your emails to us (Janelle or Leanne) at: alisefrederic@gmail.com

Fefe wants to return to work more than anything right now, she can't wait to see all of your smiling faces when it is safe for her to do so.

Angie will also NOT be returning to work on May 19th, Leanne will be doing some reception and taking care of orders. The rest of us will be booking ourselves. So the best way to reach us is by text or email. Angie will return to work when we can function at a higher capacity. So we ask for your patience yet again as we continue to run our business without reception for the time being.

Our hope is that Leanne, Fefe and Angie will all return to work in June, we will keep you updated.
As you can imagine, we literally have hundreds of retail products in our store. For that reason, our store is closed for walk up service, to limit how many people handle the products and how many people we have in our shop at one time, only we will be touching any of the products that we have for sale.

We are still operating our online sales the same way that we have been, taking orders electronically via email, text or social media and we will offer curbside pick up (during set times when Leanne is there), you can just pull up right in front, call or text when you arrive and she will pop it through your open passenger side window.

We will continue to offer FREE local delivery on certain days, these will continue to change weekly.

Due to our limited hours and staff returning to work, we will still be offering Color Kits for delivery and pick up, to help keep some of your roots covered if we can't get you all in. This will be evaluated on a person to person basis and overseen by Janelle. Because she will not be as readily available for mixing (due to also seeing clients now), they will only be offered on certain days, details to come.

We're taking a short pause from fulfilling orders, from May 10th - May 18th, we are taking the week to get our salon organized and ready to re-open. Currently, we have deliveries booked for May 5th & 8th and those will be our last delivery days for now. We are anticipating lots of Mother's Day Beauty Boxes, so should we have too many orders to deliver on Friday May 8th, we will also be delivering on Saturday May 9th.

We are waiting on our e-commerce agreements to be finalized before we can launch our online store, but that is coming very soon!
Treat the special Mother in your life...
Our custom Beauty Boxes are the best treat for someone who loves product and needs a little self care!

We are NOW taking orders for delivery next week: May 5th and 8th.

Email us to place an order or for more information on what they are and how they work:

We can't wait to see you!
Even though things are going be a quite different for the foreseeable future, we can't wait to see you!

Through all of this, YOU - the people we get to see and make feel good everyday is what we have missed the most!

Thank you again for your support and understanding as we navigate these uncharted waters.

Below are the links to the provincial government guidelines for our industry and the Shared Health Screening Tool that you will need to use before attending your appointment.