Temporary Closure - Effective November 12, 2020

Posted by JANELLE PINETTE on Wednesday, November 11, 2020
We're still here for you!
As we're certain most of you already know, yesterday the provincial government annouced the closure of salons among many other non-essential businesses, as the next step in the Critical Level Red of the #RestartMB Pandemic Response System, to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our Province.

We are now officially closed for what the Province has said will be 2 incubation periods, or one month and indefinitely if the situation is not under control by then. As difficult as this will be, we feel that this is the right decision and best decision for the safety and well being of our community and we are very happy that the Province has taken this decision out of the hands of business owners and that they will be providing some support to businesses who are being mandated closed again.

We are hopeful that we can slow the spread and bend the curve in these next two incubation periods and we will be able to re-open to start seeing all of you again in person before the holidays (fingers crossed). We can do this if we all do our part.

Read on to hear about how we will be operating to serve you over the next few weeks.


You may not be able to visit us in person, but we have many options for us to stay connected and serving you during this closure.

We will be launching our online store in the coming days, which has been ready to go for several months now, however, the logistics of keeping our online inventory and in store inventory talking to eachother was just too complicated to try to launch while we were open and as busy as we have been. You will be able to access it on our webpage: HERE when it's live and we'll also send out a brief email explaining the process, when it's ready to go.

The online store will give you the option to place orders for next business day NO CONTACT curbside pickups or delivery and will also give you the option to shop and pay whenever you'd like. We will also be accepting orders the same way that we were last time, you can send us an email (or reply to this one) to place an order and we will accept E-Transfer or call you to take payment over the phone from the salon on the next business day.

We have quite a few things to get in order before we can re-open our retail store, so for that reason we are taking the next few days to get all of our ducks in a row and we will start replying to email orders on Sunday and we will be open on Monday November 16th for curbside pick ups and deliveries.

Even though we can be open for online sales and no contact pick ups and deliveries, we need to do this responsibly. We will be working with a small staff and taking all of the precautions that we always have before to ensure that your product gets to you safely and to ensure we are not out and about in the public too much right now. For that reason we will will do things a little differently this time, things are getting streamlined.

  • We will be open Monday- Friday for curbside picks ups and deliveries, orders must be in by 8:00pm the night before for next day delivery. Curbside orders can be picked up between 12pm - 3pm and deliveries will start around 2pm (we will arrange this with you since the weather is getting cooler, someone will need to be able to recieve the order), if there is enough demand we will also have local (within the perimeter and to some suburbs) pick up and delivery options availble on Saturdays.

  • Deliveries are FREE on orders over $100, Delivery otherwise is $5, we can ship things to you for $15 (flat rate) and gift wrapping is available for $5.

  • Beauty / Hero Boxes are back again! You can purchase one for yourself to keep you busy in insolation, to send as a gift to an Essential Worker in your life or a loved one you are missing, as a gift for the holidays, or for any reason really!! Beauty Boxes are a minimum order of $100 + taxes (we just know they are better at this price point).

  • Color Kits: We see you, don't worry, we've got you! At home color kits are back, but are also being streamlined, we will be doing them on Wednesdays and Fridays, they will need to be applied 24 hours after drop off / pick up, so you will need to ensure that you can get it done on those days, or the next morning. Color Kits, were a very well used option last time, however we really put a strain on our resources providing them at the price we did, so we will providing them at $100.00+tax per kit. In the kit, you will get a brush to keep, Olaplex and will not need to return anything when you're done and at that price they will qualify for the free delivery. Re-Order Color kits will be available at a reduced price, when / if you need a second one and don't need another brush. These are only for current salon clients and no changes can be made to your formulas. Not everyone will be approved for an at home color kit, Janelle will be mixing and making all the kits and only certain formulas will be approved.

We want to start by saying, we're SO sorry if you have an upcoming appointment, in the next 4 weeks, if you do, you should have by now been contacted by Angie or Hayley to advise you that it has been cancelled, due to the closure.

At this time, we are unable to rebook appointments as we have no idea if we will in fact be reopening for services in 4 weeks and when we find out... we're still not sure what our restrictions and operating rules will be. However, we do know that, we will be limited and that means that we likely will only be able to offer you our next available appointments, it's unlikely that we'll be able to adhere to capacity and distancing regulations while all working more.

As soon as we know our reopen date and the details, we can start rescheduling you, you will be contacted by us in the order of when your appointment was scheduled for, to get you booked back in. Thankfully 80% of our clients are prebookers, so most of you likley have your next spots reserved well in advance.

We completely understand how tough this whole time is and we're working so hard and trying our best to ensure that we have options to keep you taken care of while we are closed and as always, we promise you upon re-opening, our rebooking strategy will be fair.

We cannot thank you all enough for your ongoing support of our small business we are so grateful for each and every purchase that you are choosing to make at our business right now, we are SO THANKFUL.

Keep well everyone, we can't wait to see you in person again very soon!